Operations Employee Of The Quarter!

Lance Rawlinson

Lance lives in the small town of Celina, TX with two Dirty Cow Dogs, two Cats, a Macaw, a ton of books & a few guns. Some of Lance's hobbies are reading, cleaning, ironing, and taking in as much baseball as is humanly possible, as well as taking the occasional nap.

Lance's favorite thing about LeaderOne: My colleagues who are always pleasant, supportive and willing to help when things get a bit sideways and doing so with smiles on their faces!

Comments by Lance's Co-Workers:

"Lance is one of the most dedicated employees you could find. He has even been known to drive to work through ice storms if he feels there are customers relying on him."

--Michael Stoddart, COO

"Always there to answer any questions or pick up any slack when needed even though he is on a different team."

"Helpful, positive, educational."

Sales Employee Of The Quarter!

Andrea Barnes

Andrea comes form Grain Vally, MO, with her husband and three children. They enjoy going to the Lake of the Ozarks during the summer, love the outdoors and boating and love getting involved with all of their kids activites and sports!

Andrea's favorite thing about LeaderOne: Watching the company grow and expand and I love that everyone can have an impact on the direction of the company, the sky is the limit!

Comments by Andrea's Co-Workers:

"Andrea started as a processor with L1, became a loan officer, hired an LO, opened her office and added two more employees... now a Tier Two.... she definitely had a plan and followed it through. In addition, I have seen nothing but EXCEPTIONAL customer surveys from her closings. They state her knowledge, professionalism and timely closings as reasons they will continue to come back to LeaderOne! Great job, Andrea!"

- David Brockes, Regional Manager

"Andrea started our branch a year and half ago and has now grown our team to 2 LOs and 2 Processors. She is always spearheading new ideas and implementing new plans to grow our office."

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Mortgage News Daily News Feed

MBS RECAP: Longer Term Rates Fare Well, as Low Short-Term Rates Say Farewell

Posted To: MBS Commentary

As of mid-July bond markets seem to have put their foot down with respect to the relationship between long and short term rates. With the economic recovery and global growth outlook still open to debate--not to mention with global QE efforts ongoing--it makes sense for longer term rates to maintain a reasonable level of sponsorship. This is in line with the cries we often here for the economy being unable to sustain much of a run higher in rates. Such a run would seemingly be in contradiction to the Fed's stated intention of raising rates, but trading levels continue to show us how both can live in harmony. Let's not forget that earlier this year, 2yr yields and 10yr yields were as close together as 120bps. Today they're only 153bps apart after being closer to 180bps earlier this...(read more)

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Mortgage Rates Stay Steady After GDP

Posted To: Mortgage Rate Watch

Mortgage rates were very close to unchanged despite market volatility surrounding the release of today's GDP figures. GDP can occasionally cause a significant response in mortgage rates, and that's especially true of the "advance" release. That's due to the fact that the "advance" release is the first look at GDP for any given quarter. Subsequent releases merely revise the previous quarter's result. Moreover, the Commerce Department implements revisions once a year that greatly affect past GDP reports. So not only are we getting the first look at last quarter's GDP, but also a potentially significant revision to GDP numbers over the past 2+ years. Today's revisions painted a generally weaker picture of economic growth since 2012. But the most recent quarter showed slightly stronger inflation...(read more)

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Wells Fargo pulls out of Marketing Agreements with Agents, Builders

Posted To: MND NewsWire

Well Fargo Bank announced today that it will immediately begin winding down its marketing services and desk rental agreements with real estate firms, builders, and some other referral sources. Franklin Codel, executive vice president for mortgage production said the company was exploring a number of new options for enhancing and strengthening those relationships over the long term. A press release issued by the company said that the withdrawal decision was made as a result of increasing uncertainty surrounding regulatory oversight of these types of arrangements "and as part of Wells Fargo's ongoing efforts to simplify the process that customers experience as they weigh all of their choices when shopping for a mortgage." The decision is presumed to arise out of a series of enforcement decisions...(read more)

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Rental Housing a Growing Burden on Low Wage Earners

Posted To: MND NewsWire

Finding an affordable place to rent within a reasonable distance of employment is becoming increasingly difficult according to Freddie Mac executive David Leopold. Leopold, writing in the company's Executive Perspectives blog says that there is no state in the U.S. where a full-time minimum wage worker can afford the market-rate rent for a one or two bedroom apartment. More than one of every four renters must pay over half their family income to pay for housing and utilities. Since the recession ended new jobs have been heavily concentrated in low-wage industries while the growth of affordable housing has failed to meet the growing demand. Leopold cites a recent Joint Center for Housing Studies (Harvard University) that found that even families with incomes at high at $75,000 can be burdened...(read more)

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MBS MID-DAY: Just Barely Holding Gains After Volatile Morning

Posted To: MBS Commentary

Bond markets came into the domestic session in slightly weaker territory owing largely to losses that occurred right at the start of the overnight session. 10yr yields were dragged up to 2.322 as Asian markets had their first chance to react to yesterday's FOMC Announcement in a meaningful way. Weakness remained intact despite a nice rally in German Bunds. Following the big GDP announcement, domestic bond markets were weaker for a few split seconds, but quickly began improving as investors sorted out the complex implications of 3 years worth of GDP revisions. Long story short, the past 3 years were actually a bit weaker than initially reported--a fact that's benefited mostly the longer end of the yield curve. That means that 10 and 30yr yields are in positive territory , while the shorter...(read more)

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