Operations Employee Of The Quarter!

Katie Urquhart

Katie enjoys attending Braves games, festivals or any outdoor activity, running, DIY projects and designing beaded bracelets!

Katie's favorite thing about LeaderOne: The incredible people I work with, who help making coming in every day so enjoyable!!

Comments by Katie's Co-Workers:

"Katie Urquhart exemplifies the perfect combination of talent, drive, self-discipline, and passion to be the best at everything she does, and her engaging personality fills every room she enters. She is honest, kind, compassionate, and her self-respect and integrity are unsurpassed. She never backs away from a challenge—and occasionally creates new ones in her quest to discover newer and better ways of bringing a positive, memorable, quality experience to our customers, clients, business associates, co-workers, and strategic partners."

“On behalf of every member of our amazing GA1 Team… We thank you, Katie, for your dedication and commitment to excellence; we acknowledge and appreciate you and your value to the entire Leader1 organization; and congratulate you for being recognized as Employee of the Quarter!!"

--Jeanne & Scott Evans, Branch Managers

"Katie was the driving force in creating the “in process emails” that go out on every loan company wide. Well deserved! She always goes above and beyond the call of duty!"

"Katie is the sunshine in our office. In addition to being a warm, inviting and professional first impression in our office, she is indispensable in the area of marketing and making things the best experience they can be for our clients. Her heart, attitude, sense of humor and work ethic make her an absolute joy to be around each and every day, we couldn't do without her!"

"If Katie ever has a bad day, you’d never know it. She’s always smiling and is happy to help anytime she’s asked; and when she’s not asked, she offers. She’s a go-getter with a great attitude, work ethic, and sense of humor. Simply the best!"

"Katie is always smiling and always positive - a breath of fresh air and a delight to work with! She performs her duties with professionalism and accuracy - always going above and beyond expectation. Katie certainly knows how to deliver World Class Service!"

Sales Employee Of The Quarter!

Jessica Eden

Jessica has been married for just over a year and loving every minute of it! She loves to read, spending time with her 7 nieces and nephews who are all 4 or younger, going for long walks and volunteering at her church!

Jessica's favorite thing about LeaderOne: The willingness and great attitudes of our entire team to work together to help our customers!

Comments by Jessica's Co-Workers:

"It is a real pleasure to work with Jessica. She is a true sales professional. She is very driven and active in sales activities. In the past few months Jessica has done an excellent job of successfully learning additional products and this has allowed her to diversify her business. For Jessica the sky is the limit to what is possible for her. Congratulations Jessica! This recognition is well deserved."

- Brent Symonds, Regional Sales Manager

"She diligently stays on getting what is needed for the file even after it closes. You can count on her to get what is needed."

"She works very hard, is very professional and does everything she can for her customers! A "World Class" employee. She has been a TOP PRODUCER for 4 months already this year!"

"I don't think there is a bad thing to say about Jessica "slugger" Eden! She is an awesome team player. I have seen her with her customers and she is extremely professional and courteous!"

"Not only is Jessica very easy to work with as a co-worker, but she keeps customer's well informed all throughout the process of their loan. She is very thorough. Jessica Eden always has a smile on her face which makes it so easy to speak with her. She is super pleasant and personable."

"Jessica always has a pep in her step and eager to help the customers. She is a great asset to L1."

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Mortgage News Daily News Feed

MBS Day Ahead: Biggest Economic Data of the Week; Bond Markets Close at 2pm

Posted To: MBS Commentary

At the beginning of the week, we discussed the shared fate between stocks and bonds, noting that they'd been exceptionally well-connected of late and that both were approaching the later phases of a move lower (in price for stocks, and in yield for bonds). From a technical standpoint, both sides of the market have indeed ended the previous move, but now can't seem to agree on the next move. Stocks' vote is to move back in the other direction while bonds have been flat so far this week. Additionally, 2.66 has emerged as an important short term ceiling for 10yr yields--at least as important as anything can be on a 3.5 day week without any watershed market movers. For now, it acts as the line of demarcation between "sideways" and "heading higher again with stocks."...(read more)

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MBS RECAP: Sharply Sideways Day for Bond Markets

Posted To: MBS Commentary

As of the 3pm Treasury pit close (the unofficial end of the day for bond markets), little, if anything has changed from this morning. Despite having a wide variety of potential market movers in play, bond markets instead saw a session that would be hard pressed to be more uneventful. Treasuries were slightly weaker in the overnight session with yields pushed higher by a generally improving risk tone. This may have had something to do with stronger Chinese GDP, but even without it, there was still some 'unwinding' to do from yesterday's Ukraine- inspired flight-to-safety. When we see such flights, bond markets are preemptively moving into stronger territory on the chance that geopolitical tensions continue escalating rapidly. If geopolitical tensions to anything else, bonds lose...(read more)

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Mortgage Rates Slightly Higher, but Remain Near Recent Lows

Posted To: Mortgage Rate Watch

Mortgage rates were slightly highe r today as investors continued to pull back from yesterday's geopolitically motivated buying spree. Tensions in Ukraine had created a short term spike in demand for fixed income securities like Treasuries and the mortgage-backed-securities (MBS) that most directly influence mortgage rates. Higher demand means lower rates. As we saw yesterday, that spike in demand led to moderate improvements in rates, but had already started fading by the end of the day. This morning simply continued in that same vein, resulting in higher mortgage rates. That said, the weakness has been merely moderate . Weaker housing data helped to prevent further bond market weakness (bonds tend to improve when economic data is weaker than expected). The most prevalently quoted conforming...(read more)

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No Big Spring Bounce for Housing Starts

Posted To: MND NewsWire

Two of the three measures of residential construction activity used by the Census Bureau fell slightly in March. Fewer permits were issued and fewer homes reached completion than in February while housing starts rose slightly. The Bureau and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development report that residential building permits were issued in March at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 990,000 units. This is 2.4 percent below the revised February rate of 1,014,000 units and 11.2 percent higher than the rate of 890,000 units issued in March 2013. Permits for single family houses were issued at a rate of 592,000, 0.5 percent above the February estimate of 589,000. Permits for construction of units in buildings with five or more units were at the rate of 370,000 units compared to 402,000...(read more)

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MBS MID-DAY: Grinding Back Toward Unchanged Amid Lack of Inspiration

Posted To: MBS Commentary

Bond markets started the day in weaker territory after stronger economic data out of China and follow-through on yesterday's bounce (bonds had rallied on Ukraine headlines and bounced back toward weaker levels when the headlines dried up). This morning's domestic economic also helped. MBS and Treasuries improved modestly after weaker-than-expected Existing Home Sales. Shortly thereafter, stronger Industrial Production numbers made for a quick jolt to the weakest levels of the day for Treasuries, but they've since come right back to their strongest levels. MBS are outperforming , now only a tick away from unchanged in Fannie 4.0s (104-14), but still 3 ticks off in Fannie 3.5s (101-07). Despite a wide variety of potential market movers today, bond markets haven't really done anything...(read more)

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