Operations Employee Of The Quarter!

Lance Rawlinson

Lance lives in the small town of Celina, TX with two Dirty Cow Dogs, two Cats, a Macaw, a ton of books & a few guns. Some of Lance's hobbies are reading, cleaning, ironing, and taking in as much baseball as is humanly possible, as well as taking the occasional nap.

Lance's favorite thing about LeaderOne: My colleagues who are always pleasant, supportive and willing to help when things get a bit sideways and doing so with smiles on their faces!

Comments by Lance's Co-Workers:

"Lance is one of the most dedicated employees you could find. He has even been known to drive to work through ice storms if he feels there are customers relying on him."

--Michael Stoddart, COO

"Always there to answer any questions or pick up any slack when needed even though he is on a different team."

"Helpful, positive, educational."

Sales Employee Of The Quarter!

Andrea Barnes

Andrea comes form Grain Vally, MO, with her husband and three children. They enjoy going to the Lake of the Ozarks during the summer, love the outdoors and boating and love getting involved with all of their kids activites and sports!

Andrea's favorite thing about LeaderOne: Watching the company grow and expand and I love that everyone can have an impact on the direction of the company, the sky is the limit!

Comments by Andrea's Co-Workers:

"Andrea started as a processor with L1, became a loan officer, hired an LO, opened her office and added two more employees... now a Tier Two.... she definitely had a plan and followed it through. In addition, I have seen nothing but EXCEPTIONAL customer surveys from her closings. They state her knowledge, professionalism and timely closings as reasons they will continue to come back to LeaderOne! Great job, Andrea!"

- David Brockes, Regional Manager

"Andrea started our branch a year and half ago and has now grown our team to 2 LOs and 2 Processors. She is always spearheading new ideas and implementing new plans to grow our office."

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Mortgage News Daily News Feed

Managing Risk in High LTV Loans

Posted To: MND NewsWire

In addition to its usual recap of economic and housing indicators and future projections this week's edition of Freddie Mac's Insights and Outlook sought to put any potential risk of its the new 97 percent mortgages in context. The mortgages, a program Freddie Mac calls Home Possible Advantage, were rolled out last spring and a similar program was introduced by Fannie Mae the previous autumn. The new mortgages have safeguards to limit the credit risks associated with the low down payments including solid FICO scores and require private mortgage insurance. A key element of the program is the elimination of layered risks; a combination of multiple risky features has been found to magnify the total risk of a loan. It was layered risk that presented a significant vulnerability to loss in loans...(read more)

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Mortgage Rates Still Waiting for Bigger News

Posted To: Mortgage Rate Watch

Mortgage rates were almost flat again today . Most lenders were just a hair higher in costs vs yesterday. The most prevalent conventional 30yr fixed quote remains 4.0% for top tier scenarios, but 3.875% is still available. In general, the bond markets that drive mortgage rates are remaining nimble until they have a better sense of what the Fed will do in the policy meeting 2 weeks from now. As we frequently discuss, the Fed Funds Rate doesn't dictate 30yr mortgage rates, but the two tend to correlate over time. Moreover, the initial lift-off from record low rates will be a big deal for financial markets in general. It would be hard for mortgage rates not to get caught up in the volatility--most likely in a bad way. In other words, the sooner the Fed officially hikes OR the sooner the economic...(read more)

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MBS RECAP: Markets Increasingly Jumpy as Bigger Data Approaches

Posted To: MBS Commentary

Another swing and another miss for today's economic data. It had an opportunity to kick start what stands a good chance to be a fairly big move in multiple markets. At the heart of that potential volatility is the Fed--particularly last week's comments from Vice Chair Fischer which highlighted the current 2-week time frame as having some bearing on whether or not the Fed hikes rates in September. NFP weeks are clearly big data weeks, and a September Fed rate hike would clearly be a big event. Connecting the dots, it's reasonable to assume any major commentary from data will be taken as a cue for the Fed to hike or hold off. In other words, if the employment data were to come in much stronger than expected, markets would brace (more than they already have) for a Fed rate hike. If...(read more)

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MBS MID-DAY: Consolidation in Full Effect as ADP Abstains

Posted To: MBS Commentary

By coming in at 190k vs a median forecast of 201k, today's ADP Employment data essentially abstained from strong comment on Friday's NFP. Because of the strategic importance of Friday's NFP, today's ADP therefore abstains from strong comment on Fed rate hike prospects as well. The result is a market that continues to grind into an ever-narrower consolidation. This is a classic technical 'triangle' that tends to result in greater momentum behind the the breakout. Both MBS and Treasuries began the day near yesterday's best levels , and both promptly moved to yesterday's weakest levels after the ADP data. Factory Orders were also much weaker than expected at 10am, especially when the transportation sector was excluded (-0.6 vs +0.6 last month). Even then, bonds...(read more)

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Analyst's Take on Stonegate; Lots of TRID Resources; Logos on Home Tool Kit?

Posted To: Pipeline Press

Wells Fargo Funding's clients received a note yesterday that is of use to the entire industry involving a scam impacting the mortgage settlement process . "On January 22 the Federal Bureau of Investigation issued a Public Service Announcement - Alert Number I-012215-PSA titled "Business Email Compromise" (BEC). The purpose of the PSA was to alert potential victims of sophisticated scams targeting businesses working with businesses that regularly perform wire transfer payments. The Secret Service has confirmed that this scheme is now hitting the mortgage settlement process. A request for a wire transfer from the compromised account is made to a second employee within the company who is normally responsible for processing these requests. In some instances, a request for a wire transfer from the...(read more)

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